Automated Customer Messages

Streamline customer communication with real-time delivery status updates

Customer expectations for visibility and smooth delivery continue to increase as competition heats up in the last mile. Wise Systems gives your customers a clear snapshot of where their delivery is at all times, reducing the need for customers to inquire about orders.

The platform streamlines customer communication enabling drivers to send automated messages to customers throughout the day with delivery status updates and ETAs. Wise Systems also offers customizable options as to which customers receive updates and how frequently they receive them. These options include:

  • Automatically sending email or text messages to customers based on your operational requirements

  • Enabling dispatchers and drivers to send standard emails or texts to customers

  • Giving customers a portal where they can see their delivery status in real time with a map view of their delivery driver

Depending on your operations, you can choose the best option for your team. Clear communication helps ensure a smooth delivery process and enhances customer service across your fleet.

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