The Wise Systems scheduler, driver, and analytics solutions are depicted in a circle made of three arrows. Wise Scheduler shows a desktop monitor with an icon of the software. Wise Driver shows a mobile device with an icon of the software. Wise Analytics shows a desktop monitor with an icon of the reporting software.

The Wise All-In-One
Route Optimization Solution


Plan, execute, and adapt your routes with cutting-edge optimization software.


The Wise Systems route optimization software dispatcher application on a laptop

Plan: Wise Scheduler

Wise automatically schedules optimal routes for your fleets based on your preferences and constraints.

A cloud and an arrow to represent uploading orders

Upload Orders

Wise accesses data from your order management systems or directly from a spreadsheet.

Lines with circles to represent customizing schedules

Customize Schedules

With Wise, you can set preferences based on load size, time windows, driver work hours, customer priority, and more.

A navigation pin to represent building routes

Build Routes

Wise instantly generates your routes to maximize fleet utilization, efficiency, and service.

The Wise Systems route optimization software (Driver View) on an iPhone

Execute: Wise Driver

Dynamic dispatch software and mobile applications provide real-time visibility and avoid day-of delays caused by traffic, weather, full loading docks, order cancellations, and other events.

An icon representing route adjustments which shows three destination pins and navigation lines between them

Adjust Routes

When circumstances change in the moment, Wise recognizes the changes and can adjust routes to minimize delays.

An icon representing real-time ETAs which shows half a timer with several lines coming off of it 

View Real-Time ETAs

Wise provides accurate and updated ETAs, so dispatchers and customers know when each delivery will arrive.

An icon representing driver feedback which shows a drawing of two drivers

Receive Driver Feedback

Drivers can suggest better time windows, save parking locations, and add notes for customers in case routes change hands.

The Wise Systems route optimization software fleet report analytics page shown on a laptop

Learn: Wise Analytics

Wise fleet management continuously improves your operations, offers in-depth data on your performance, and prepares your fleet for the future by predicting and planning around delays.

An upward trending line representing data analytics

Data Analytics

Wise gives you insight with real-time analytics and comprehensive reports on a driver, customer, and fleet level.

A navigation icon with a circular arrow to represent route prediction


Wise learns from your data to understand your fleet and customer tendencies to determine why delays happen.

A line connecting four dots to represent machine learning

Machine Learning

Using machine learning algorithms, Wise automatically adjusts your plan based on past data to avoid predictable delays.

Icons of an Android device, a laptop (titled "Web"), an iPhone, an iPad, and a coding symbol "</>" representing the API

Wise Integrates Across Devices and Platforms


Wise features a flexible API and full support for mobile devices, resource management tools, and telematics devices.



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