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Autonomous Dispatch & Routing

Seamlessly coordinate the movement of goods, people, and services

Specifically designed to address the critical issues that routing and dispatching teams face today and will encounter tomorrow, Autonomous Dispatching and Routing is an automated system for seamlessly coordinating the movement of goods, people, and services.

Although the term, Autonomous Dispatch and Routing, sounds futuristic,the technology is already familiar to most consumers, powering popular ride-sharing and meal-delivery applications. These services take customers’ orders via mobile app, automatically assign tasks to the most suitable vehicles, factor in business rules (whether riders want to carpool to save money, or if they prefer a premium car, for example), and fulfill the order. This is Autonomous Dispatch and Routing at work.

For commercial fleets, the future of Autonomous Dispatch and Routing will include fully automated ordering, packing, routing and delivery using connected systems that seamlessly take orders, identify the optimal vehicle type, operate within all known order constraints, then prepare and deliver the order for any industry and any scenario. While that fully automated future isn’t here yet, today’s Autonomous Dispatch and Routing solutions are already in use across a variety of industries – from food and beverage to business services, and create a bridge to the fully automated future.

In logistics operations where service is the currency that earns customers’ business and loyalty, Autonomous Dispatching and Routing is the quantum leap forward that positions any logistics team to compete successfully with industry giants. 
For more information, download the 5 Levels of Autonomous Dispatch and Routing white paper.