Easy to Use Mobile App for Delivery Drivers.

Empower your drivers to maximize efficiency at every stop. The Driver mobile app from Wise Systems, available on iOS and Android, gives delivery drivers all the tools they need to manage their delivery day. Drivers receive interactive routes in list and map views, along with delivery details, and essential tools such as turn-by-turn navigation, proof of delivery, barcode scanning, notes, and more, enabling a better customer service experience. Real-time optimization algorithms can automatically adjust and re-optimize routes throughout the day, keeping drivers on time.

How Driver works

Empower your drivers.


Open the mobile application and start the day.

See list and map views of the day’s stops, including full order details.

Navigate to each stop.

Use the Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze or HERE truck routes to navigate from stop to stop.

Capture proof of delivery.

Capture images, barcode scans or e-signatures to confirm proof of delivery.

Share key driver knowledge.

Record customer details using parking pins and notes.

And the delivery is complete.

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Driver Features and Capabilities.

Powerful and Easy to Use Mobile Application.

Open the mobile application and start the day:

See list and map views of the day’s stops, including full order details.

Navigate to each stop:

Use the Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, or HERE truck routes to navigate from stop to stop.

Capture proof of delivery:

Capture images, barcode scans, or e-signatures to confirm proof of delivery.

Share key driver knowledge:

Record customer details using parking pins and notes.

Mobile App

Best Mobile App For Delivery Drivers

The Driver mobile app from Wise Systems is a game-changer for drivers. It improves communication, reduces paperwork, and speeds up fleet operations — simplifying drivers’ days and giving customers a better delivery experience.


The real benefits of real time.

Route optimization doesn’t stop until a driver has completed the route. That’s because there are always efficiencies that can be gained along the way, as well as slowdowns that sneak up. Dynamic routing assures that every detail is automatically considered and integrated into the day. This allows for more orders to be delivered and for same-day deliveries.

On average, vehicles gain one more run per day with dynamic routing.

Live ETAs

The Driver App captures live information about driver progress, giving managers visibility into fleet operations on the ground. ETAs also provide the most accurate delivery information to your customer.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

In the Driver app from Wise Systems, drivers have easy access to turn-by-turn directions to every stop in their route schedule.

Proof of Delivery

The Driver mobile app can be used to capture information from a range of situations — successful deliveries, damaged goods, discrepancies in inventory count, customers rejecting orders.

Parking Pins

In Wise Systems’ Driver app, drivers can drop a pin on a map to indicate the best place to park at each stop. Once a parking location is set, every driver in the fleet can reference this information, and Wise Systems will direct drivers to the exact parking spot.

Driver Notes

Drivers are critical to your operations, and their knowledge is invaluable when it comes to providing your customers with a seamless delivery experience. With Wise Systems, this knowledge can be captured and translated into tangible value for your team.

Barcode Scanning

Verify the time and location of package deliveries and keep track of inventory with barcode scanning. Available in the Driver app, drivers scan barcodes on packages for pick up and delivery.

Electronic Signature Capture

The Driver app from Wise Systems lets drivers capture customers’ signatures electronically on their mobile devices. E-signatures save your drivers and customers time during the delivery day, making it a more seamless delivery experience.

Frequently asked questions

Driver tracking software is a system made to help businesses that manage large and small fleets improve their delivery operations. Driver tracking software offers an extensive array of features that can benefit your business in many different ways. This software allows for routes to be optimized, helps with real-time tracking updates from drivers, and gives managers insights on how to improve fleet and driver performance. Learn more about all the benefits of driver tracking software.

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