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New Year, Expanded Platform

Wise Systems

Wise Systems

With the calendar turning to 2023, the excitement inside of Wise Systems was mounting as we neared the unveiling date for an expanded version of our delivery automation platform. That date is finally here, and we’re very proud to introduce significant enhancements that further improve our solution’s ability to automate, optimize and streamline our customers’ last-mile operations.

The entire team – product managers, user experience designers, engineers, QA, documentation, support, and more – have been hard at work on this stellar new version of the platform that combines industry-leading, high-delivery capacity with an even easier to use interface for last-mile operations. The result is an even more powerful route planning and dispatching solution for customers – from parcel and courier fleets to food, beverage and commercial/industrial – that has lots to offer. 

This latest version of the Wise Systems platform expands the ability to route, visualize and manage stops to include large volumes and offers the most intuitive user experiences for planners and dispatchers. It also supports resource flexibility, easily accommodating hybrid workforce models such as a combination of gig workers and FTEs, as well as:

  • Seamless large-scale, enterprise fleet management
  • Easier visualization of route, stop, and order information
  • Faster decision making during route execution 
  • Faster access to route, stop, and driver information
  • Account customization

Chazz Sims, CEO and Cofounder of Wise Systems said it best. “Next-generation delivery software requires the perfect balance of automation and control. With additional capacity for high-volume industries, we’re streamlining planning and dispatcher roles, and complementing that with robust tools for managing the delivery day. This platform integrates with our clients’ last-mile ecosystems, and empowers their teams to improve operations while ensuring excellent customer service and driver experiences.”

From route planning to dispatching, communications to analytics, the Wise Systems platform automates deliveries, empowering dispatchers, drivers, and managers to make informed decisions based on real-time visibility into the delivery day. 

The Wise Systems platform expands delivery route planning, and fleet dispatching to include large volumes with even more intuitive user experiences for route planners and dispatchers, and features that include:

  • Streaming stop and task data: During route execution, data is loaded into Dispatcher from Wise Systems incrementally — reducing data-load times to give dispatchers the information they need when they need it.
  • Drag-and-drop editing: Make last-minute changes to routes, such as transferring stops between drivers, with easy drag-and-drop editing in a map view.
  • Onscreen, on-demand dispatching: Quickly assign last-minute stops to the most appropriate driver as orders come in with suggestions made by the platform based on cost calculations and task priority.

Visit and learn more about how you can drive greater efficiency, and improve customer service for your last-mile delivery operations with the expanded Wise System delivery automation platform.

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