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Streamline the Last-Mile Delivery Process with Wise Systems + Samsara

Wise Systems

Wise Systems

Partnerships are vital when pushing an industry forward. They allow companies to pool resources and expertise, open opportunities that may not have been available to each individual company, and most importantly, provide you with new avenues for increased productivity and revenue. 

A new partnership between Wise Systems and Samsara has opened the door to a robust integration between the two platforms so you can streamline and automate the delivery process and simplify drivers’ everyday experiences in the last mile. With the integration, you can pass data from Samsara to Wise Systems, giving dispatchers, managers, and delivery recipients real-time insight into a driver’s location while enhancing key capabilities inside of the Wise Systems Driver app, including auto arrive and auto depart features.

Two platforms, empowering last-mile fleets across industries

The Connected Operations Platform from Samsara, lets you access, analyze, and act upon real-time data from warehouses, trucks, trailers, and equipment to improve safety efficiency, and sustainability. With the platform’s open API, you can connect your most important third-party applications to unlock a holistic view of your physical operations. The Wise Systems delivery automation platform, gives you the ability to plan and execute more efficient routes while facilitating seamless communication with customers and teams across your organization. 

Streamlining the last-mile delivery process

Enabled by Wise Systems Connect, this new integration lets you integrate the Samsara Connected Operations Platform, plus your ERP, and OMS platforms with the Wise Systems delivery automation platform. With plug-and-play data exchange between your systems of record, you can now streamline every step of the delivery process:


  1. Plan the most efficient daily routes for your entire fleet in one instance using automation and simplified visualizations
  2. Send routes to drivers with the push of a button
  3. Let drivers tweak routes manually or quickly accept automated adjustments
  4. Tackle on-demand deliveries with automated, optimal-driver suggestions or selections
  5. Provide managers with the information they need to manage exceptions in real time, including historical and live driver tracking enabled by Samara telematics devices and the 
  6. Deliver better customer experiences with ETAs and real-time insight into delivery status
  7. Get information regarding completed orders to finance teams faster for an accelerated order to cash processes.

Making the connection

Discover the integration on the Samsara App Marketplace, the largest ecosystem of turnkey integrations designed to power your essential 3rd party applications with Samsara.

Not a Wise Systems customer? Before visiting the marketplace, check out why last mile fleets trust Wise Systems to help them simplify the last mile. Then, reach out for a demo to see the platform in action.

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