Dispatch Software

Increase visibility and automate dispatching workflows

Once the Wise Systems’ platform creates highly optimized routes for a fleet, dispatch software activates the routes. Route schedules are sent to drivers’ mobile devices and with route plans in hand, drivers begin their days. As drivers progress, dispatchers monitor performance in real time through a ‘control-tower’ view of the fleet showing vehicle location, on-time status, deliveries completed, real-time traffic, and more. The increased visibility reduces the need for multiple calls between dispatchers and drivers, as well.

Creating and dispatching day-of orders to routes, notifying customers of delivery statuses, re-optimizing routes based on traffic and unexpected events — all of this work and more can be completed with Wise Systems’ dispatch software. The platform automates these processes, freeing up dispatchers to manage exceptions and focus their energy on more strategic initiatives.

In addition, Wise Systems’ delivery dispatch software shows management how route plans compare to actual performance and provides comprehensive fleet-wide and driver-specific analytics and reports

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