Driver Application Feedback & Messaging

Save and share driver knowledge across the fleet

Drivers know a tremendous amount about all of their customers. From the names of store owners to loading dock passwords needed for deliveries, drivers’ knowledge is rarely saved or shared. This leaves new drivers to fend for themselves and learn all the nuances of customers on their own. But with the driver notes feature in the Driver mobile app from Wise Systems, driver knowledge can easily be captured and put to good use.

At every stop, drivers can record notes that are then accessible to the rest of the team. When new drivers join the team, or if a driver has to take another route because someone is on vacation, they will not lose time trying to access specific customer information. Your drivers will never have to struggle to remember a key customer’s name or passcode again. Drivers can also indicate the best location to park, and any other crucial information about the delivery.

Parking Location

The search for parking has never been easier

A customer’s address is not always exactly where a truck will park to deliver to that location. And the search for a parking spot is not only frustrating for drivers, but it costs the fleet in miles, fuel, and wasted time.

In the Driver app from Wise Systems, your drivers can easily mark the best place to park by dropping a pin on a map. Once that parking location is identified, all of your drivers can reference it. And for future deliveries to that customer’s location, Wise Systems will direct your drivers to the marked parking location – alleviating the hassle of remembering where to park while reducing costs to the business.

Driver Route Feedback

Empower drivers to improve efficiency

Due to the unpredictability of the delivery day, drivers often need to make game-time decisions to change the route plan. For instance, a driver may choose to visit a customer later in the day, because the customer was not home at the originally scheduled service time; or a driver may alter the course of a few stops to avoid a traffic jam. Whatever the case may be, drivers’ route feedback allows for smooth deliveries and on-time arrivals.

Wise Systems respects the deep knowledge drivers have accumulated about their roads and territories and taps into this knowledge for actionable insights. When drivers adjust routes, the software asks drivers for feedback about the decisions and then uses this data to fuel smarter route creation in the future. This data is also available to the dispatcher in real-time, ensuring full fleet visibility.

Automated Customer Messages

Streamline customer communication with real-time delivery status updates

Customer expectations for visibility and smooth delivery continue to increase as competition heats up in the last mile. Wise Systems gives your customers a clear snapshot of where their delivery is at all times, reducing the need for customers to inquire about orders.

Our platform allows drivers to send automated messages to customers during the delivery day so that they have real-time ETAs and status updates. Wise Systems also offers customizable options as to which customers receive updates and how frequently they receive them. These options include:

  • Automatically sending email or text messages to customers based on your operational requirements
  • Enabling dispatchers and drivers to send standard emails or texts to customers
  • Giving customers a portal where they can see their delivery status in real-time with a map view of their delivery driver

Depending on your operations, you can choose the best option for your team. Clear communication helps ensure a smooth delivery process and enhances customer service across your fleet.

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