Driver Mobile App Documentation Features

Capture Proof of Delivery in App

Capture proof of delivery digitally and save time

With Wise Systems, Drivers no longer need to deal with stacks of paperwork, handwritten notes, and the issues that accompany these legacy processes. In the Driver mobile app, drivers can quickly capture proof of delivery directly in the driver mobile app for quick, reliable, and seamless record keeping. The driver mobile app includes electronic signatures and photo record keeping; barcode scanning is also available.

The driver mobile app can be used to collect information in a variety of situations. This includes successful deliveries, rejected orders, damaged goods, discrepancies in inventory count, etc. And all of the information can be referenced in the future. Wise Systems securely stores the proof of delivery data and keeps the information readily accessible.

Collect Digital Signatures in App

No more paperwork for customer signatures

The Driver app from Wise Systems allows drivers to capture customers’ signatures digitally, eliminating the need for pen and paper. E-signatures save time and can help provide a more seamless delivery experience. In addition, digital record-keeping gives your back office staff a break from the filing cabinets. These records can be easily accessed by anyone on your team.

Barcode Scanning Features

Track inventory through the drivers’ mobile app

Barcode scanning allows drivers to verify the time and location of deliveries and keep better track of inventory. This feature is available in the Driver app from Wise Systems and allows drivers to scan barcodes during both pickups and deliveries. It’s an efficient way to verify proof of delivery and a reliable way to manage inventory while on the road. Barcode scanning can also connect to external systems via Wise Systems’ API.

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