Driver Mobile Application

Route schedules, navigation, barcode scanning, and more — everything your drivers need to deliver with excellence

Wise Systems’ platform features a driver mobile application that includes a suite of valuable tools that help drivers perform at their very best and exceed customers’ expectations. The intuitive driver mobile application, available on iOS and Android devices, takes minutes to learn and streamlines delivery execution.

In the palm of their hands, drivers have easy access to their route schedules — viewable in list form or on a map — along with turn-by-turn commercial truck route navigation. In the app, drivers have key customer information, track inventory, share delivery knowledge with the rest of the team (like where to park at a busy location), send notifications to customers, and quickly capture proof of delivery with e-signatures, photos, and barcode scanning. If route schedules are re-optimized or new orders arrive during the day, the app instantly notifies drivers of route changes.

Wise Systems’ driver mobile app is a game changer for drivers. It improves communication, reduces paperwork, and speeds up fleet operations — simplifying drivers’ days and giving customers a better delivery experience.

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