Driver Notes

Save and share driver knowledge across the fleet

Drivers are critical to your operations, and their knowledge is invaluable when it comes to providing your customers with a seamless delivery experience. With Wise Systems, this knowledge can be captured and translated into tangible value for your team.

Drivers know a tremendous amount about all of their customers. From names of store owners to loading dock passwords needed for deliveries, drivers’ knowledge is rarely saved or shared. This leaves new drivers to fend for themselves and learn all the nuances of customers on their own. But with the driver notes feature in Wise Systems’ Driver mobile app, driver knowledge can easily be captured and put to good use.

At every stop, drivers can record notes that are then accessible to the rest of the team. When new drivers join the team, or if a driver has to take another route because someone is on vacation, they will not lose time trying to access specific customer information. Your drivers will never have to struggle to remember a key customer’s name or passcode again. Drivers can also indicate the best location to park, and any other crucial information about the delivery.

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