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Driver Route Feedback

Empower drivers to improve efficiency

Due to the unpredictability of the delivery day, drivers often need to make game-time decisions to change the route plan. For instance, a driver may choose to visit a customer later in the day, because the customer was not home at the originally scheduled service time; or a driver may alter the course of a few stops to avoid a traffic jam. Whatever the case may be, drivers’ route feedback allows for smooth deliveries and on-time arrivals.

Wise Systems respects the deep knowledge drivers have accumulated about their roads and territories, and taps into this knowledge for actionable insights. When drivers adjust routes, the software asks drivers for feedback about the decisions and then uses this data to fuel smarter route creation in the future. This data is also available to the dispatcher in real time, ensuring full fleet visibility.

Driver route feedback ensures future efficiency in your fleet and allows you to capture essential driver knowledge, ensuring the best customer service moving forward.

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