Dynamic Routing Software

Create the most efficient routes for your fleet

Wise Systems’ dynamic routing software develops fresh routes for your fleet daily. Rather than creating static routes on a quarterly or yearly basis that stay the same, dynamic route optimization better matches the reality of the delivery day.

With dynamic routing, dispatchers can manage highly unpredictable operations and ensure that they fulfill customer expectations without sacrificing performance.

Wise Systems’ dynamic routing software gives fleets the power to do more with their existing resources, while providing strong customer service, improving fleet utilization, and expanding their business. Dynamic route optimization (also known as dynamic route planning) considers many factors (e.g., new orders, driver availability, time windows, load constraints, traffic, weather) and develops fresh route sequences for drivers every day. In a dynamic routing environment, dispatchers’ planning workloads decrease dramatically, while fleet efficiency metrics, including utilization and on-time delivery, see significant improvement.

Planned around the known business orders and fleet considerations, dynamic routes match the reality of the delivery day. Fleets using dynamic routing typically see major performance efficiencies as they deliver to more customers with fewer vehicles (due to better planned routes and more efficiently scheduled vehicles). Dispatchers minimize time spent manually building or editing routes. Moreover, dynamic route optimization yields efficiencies in utilization that are impossible for human dispatchers due to the number and complexity of the routing problems.

To find out if dynamic routing or another routing strategy is right for your fleet, review our Choosing the Right Optimization Strategy for Your Fleet guide.


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