What is autonomous dispatch and routing software?

Autonomous dispatch and routing is an automated system for seamlessly coordinating the movement of goods, people, and services. The goal of these systems is to improve fleet efficiency and customer service, reducing miles driven, improving fleet utilization, and minimizing time spent on manually intensive route building — all while reducing late deliveries.

In autonomous dispatch and routing, orders are automatically dispatched and routed, and decisions about vehicle and driver deployment are software-driven. Using large data sets and machine learning, autonomous dispatch and routing solutions make optimized decisions in real time — from rerouting around traffic delays and resequencing stops — to ensure that deliveries are made inside of customers’ time windows.

Autonomous dispatch and routing executes today’s tasks, while also optimizing the planning and efficiency of future routes. With machine learning that continuously analyzes fleet data, autonomous dispatch and routing systems go far beyond traditional route optimization platforms to understand every aspect of each delivery — not just the time between stops. Instead, the software analyzes all information — type of location, amount of product to be delivered, service time for every delivery, which driver made each delivery, and at what time of day — so that the system can be prescriptive, predictive, and precise about the best sequences across the fleet as it plans for the future.

The more variables, the higher the number of possible route combinations to evaluate. Quickly, the number of solutions becomes astronomically high, and it becomes impossible for even an experienced dispatcher or route planner to create efficient routes relying solely on their best hunches.

Compared to manual processes or outdated routing solutions, a fleet can expect to see significant business improvements after adopting new route optimization software:

  • Reductions in late deliveries;

  • Improvements in fleet utilization;

  • Achieving higher levels of customer service,

  • And savings in fuel and mileage costs.

For more information about autonomous dispatch and routing systems, download the Wise Systems white paper, 5 Levels of Autonomous Dispatch and Routing.

How Anheuser-Busch is Improving Day-of Routing with Wise Systems

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