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Interactive Routes

Meet the shifting needs of customers throughout the day

At the beginning of each delivery day, dispatchers see drivers’ manifests in the Wise Systems’ dispatch software. Once dispatched, drivers receive their routes in suggested order in the Wise Driver mobile app. The simple, intuitive display shows the recommended, optimized sequence of stops in both list and map views, and lets drivers see order details, as well. These interactive routes are editable, enabling dispatchers and drivers to modify schedules to meet the shifting needs of business operations and customers throughout the day. There are a couple of ways to change routes.

Fleet management can edit routes in the dispatch software through a simple drag-and-drop interface. Similarly, drivers can edit their individual routes in the mobile app. In both cases, everyone involved instantly sees the changes. For both dispatchers and drivers, the system calculates and displays the route impact of the proposed changes, so they can see how their route modifications affect fleet performance. The whole team can quickly make route edits — an easy way to save time and handle unique situations that were not planned for.

Wise Systems can also automatically alter routes to meet business goals. If a fleet wants drivers to arrive to all stops on time or reduce the amount of time drivers spend on the road, the system can adapt routes throughout the day to achieve those goals.

Manual route adjustments and automatic route adjustments are necessary for fleets that experience vast differences between initial route plans and the reality of the delivery day. In these use cases especially, interactive routes elevate fleet operations to a higher performance level.

If you’re interested in automatic route adjustments, you might want to learn more about in-route optimization.