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Last-Mile Delivery Software

Dispatch and routing software developed with the last mile in mind

Today, the importance of last-mile delivery is indisputable. Booming e-commerce, densely populated cities, and inflated expectations of the modern consumer who wants goods and services on-demand have compounded pressures on fleets that deliver in the last mile. The challenge is that the last mile is operationally intensive and expensive, so delivering efficiently is the pursuit of successful fleets.

Wise Systems understands the importance of the last mile and has developed a last-mile delivery software platform that empowers fleets to excel in this space with differentiated customer service and fleet efficiency. Autonomous Dispatch and Routing builds machine learning into powerful route optimization algorithms to automate dispatch and routing, and transforms the last-mile experience. In-route optimization, on-demand dispatch software, driver mobile apps, and many more capabilities equip fleets to compete successfully in the last mile.

Wise Systems decreases late deliveries, increases customer satisfaction with real-time visibility, and improves overallfleet utilization.

If you’re interested in learning about how Wise Systems uses machine learning in the last mile, take a look at the Machine Learning & Last-Mile Deliveries webinar hosted by Wise Systems’ CTO & Co-founder Ali Kamil.