Analytics: Last-Mile Delivery Reporting

Intuitive Dashboard and Reports for Managers and Drivers

In-depth Analytics dashboards from Wise Systems help you manage your team’s performance and KPIs — daily, weekly, and monthly. Key information is always available at your fingertips and can be shared with other systems of record.

AI-Powered Fleet Management Software

Track KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), monitor progress, and see how Wise Systems’ machine learning continuously optimizes fleet-wide performance to improve operations over time. Download reports to provide your management team with both high-level information and more detailed break-downs of your fleet’s performance.

Track fleet-wide and driver-specific metrics and identify any gaps between planned routes and actual performance, areas of improvement, on-time delivery percentages, and more.

Complete visibility into your fleet’s performance provides a better understanding of your operations and empowers your team to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.

With Analytics, you have:
  • Fleet-wide and driver-specific metrics
  • Insights into on-time percentage, mileage and route duration, time window adherence, and more
  • Visibility into performance improvement opportunities
  • The ability to integrate key information with other systems, as well

Daily Fleet Reporting

Track your operations day by day with Wise Systems’ daily fleet reports and gain instant clarity on how the delivery day really went.

Available in the Analytics dashboard, daily fleet reports illustrate how your team is doing and are easy to share with your organization and management. Track important KPIs such as on-time delivery percentages, mileage driven, and completed tasks, and find areas of improvement for your operations.

This unparalleled visibility of your teams’ performance helps you ensure that your drivers are maximizing efficiency.

Individual Driver Reports

Empower your drivers with individualized end-of-day reports that show metrics like on-time percentage and miles driven.

Available in Wise Systems’ driver mobile application, drivers can instantly access personalized reports and gain a better understanding of their delivery day and how it compares to previous days.

Last-Mile Delivery Software Custom Reporting

Access customized fleet reports specific to your needs and goals. Reports are easy to download and share with your organization.

Gain full visibility into the inner workings of your fleet and have instant access to important metrics regarding your team’s productivity, from on-time delivery percentages to the number of tasks completed.

Create custom KPIs, ranging anywhere from fleet-wide to driver-specific metrics, and identify any gaps between planned routes and actual performance, areas of improvement, on-time delivery percentages, and more.

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