Customer Portal: Last-Mile Delivery Software

The Experience Your Customers Expect

Knowing when a delivery will arrive is important for consumers and business customers, alike. With Customer Portal from Wise Systems, your customers can track their orders throughout the day with accurate real-time ETAs. They can also receive notifications that deliveries are imminent or delayed.

Customer Portal Features and Capabilities

Customer Notifications

Your customers will receive a link via text or email showing the status of their delivery order featuring a live map view of the driver’s location.


Customer Portal can be tailored to a business’ brand, so customers have a memorable experience from browsing to purchasing to doorstep delivery.

Customizable Customer Portal for Last-Mile Delivery

Today, customers expect levels of order visibility that many fleets have never enjoyed — even within their own operations. To give a customer an update about their order typically required several calls to dispatchers and drivers, a tedious and inefficient process. Satisfying this customer need has been challenging until now. Wise Systems’ Customer Portal gives businesses the ability to easily meet customers’ expectations and to differentiate themselves from other providers.

Customers receive a text or email link to a web page, which shows the driver’s location, progress throughout the day, and expected arrival time. Customers don’t have to wait and wonder when their delivery will arrive. This clear communication helps ensure a smooth delivery process and enhances customer service across your fleet.

With real-time data, your clients and customers can better track when their deliveries will arrive and plan accordingly. This extra communication strengthens client relationships and improves customer satisfaction.

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