Dispatcher: Dispatch Optimization Software

Complete Visibility and Control

Dispatcher is the web interface that allows dispatchers and fleet managers to visualize their fleet through a live map view. It allows you to monitor routes, including delivery progress, ETAs for each delivery, and driver performance. Once routes are created — either in the platform or uploaded — the system automatically dispatches routes to drivers’ mobile devices. Dispatchers can adjust routes, quickly respond to customer needs, and access analytics and insights.

How Does Our Dispatch Software Work?

Wise Systems’ platform offers full visibility into your fleet, with real-time driver status showing where drivers are on their routes, how many stops have been completed, how many stops are left, and whether stops are on-time, or are at risk.

Our final mile delivery software is specifically designed to address the critical issues that routing and dispatching teams face today and will encounter tomorrow.

Once the Wise Systems’ platform creates highly optimized routes for a fleet, dispatch software activates the routes. Route schedules are sent to drivers’ mobile devices and with route plans in hand, drivers begin their days. As drivers progress, dispatchers monitor performance in real time through a ‘control-tower’ view of the fleet showing vehicle location, on-time status, deliveries completed, real-time traffic, and more. The increased visibility reduces the need for multiple calls between dispatchers and drivers, as well.

Dispatcher Features and Capabilities


The dispatcher gets notified when delivery status changes, like an order getting delivered.

Fleet Visibility

Real-time visibility with live views of delivery ETA’s, driver status, traffic conditions, and inventory management such as proof of delivery.

Route Editing

View and edits routes using our interactive features. Easily re-optimize individual routes, or transfer them from one driver to another.

Automated Route Edits

In-route optimization automatically modified route sequences for you, providing automatic recommendations for the best driver to handle on-demand tasks.

Dynamic Routing For Fleet Managers

Real-time dynamic route optimization examines routes for new, more efficient possibilities and adjusts routes to leverage additional optimization opportunities. Complex algorithms work in the background of cloud-based dispatcher and driver applications to constantly analyze, identify, and deploy newfound routing efficiencies for continuous fleet improvement. Real-time dynamic routing occurs intraday and helps fleets manage on-demand orders and avoid day-of delivery route problems. In addition, with real-time dynamic routing, fleets can provide same-day delivery and deliver more orders. Vehicles receive immediate assignments and can, on average, accomplish one more run per day.

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