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The Perfect Last-Mile Delivery Experience

Last-mile operations across the globe share a common challenge: balance customer service with fleet efficiency

Wise Systems’ AI-driven dispatch and routing platform is specifically designed to offer the perfect delivery experience for everyone in the process.

From delivery recipients and drivers to dispatchers and managers, the powerful system combines AI with intuitive user experiences to support dispatchers, drivers, and your customers. The system is built around the Wise Systems Dynamic Optimization Engine (DOE), which houses the algorithms and machine-learning models that ensure unparalleled performance in last-mile operations.

Whether you’re managing a fleet that specializes in food, beverage, business services or parcel and couriers, Wise Systems can help you meet your fleet-efficiency and customer-service goals.

Feature Highlights

Easy to Learn & Use

The intuitive platform takes minutes to learn, minimizing training costs and improving user engagement. This is particularly beneficial for drivers.

Continuous Improvement

Optimize efficiency and service with a system that immediately adapts to challenges on the ground. In addition, Wise Systems’ machine learning continuously ingests and analyzes fleet data to improve operations over time.


Give your dispatchers and routers real-time visibility into drivers’ progress and performance. You can also give your customers visibility into their deliveries, as well.

Static, Dynamic, and Hybrid Routing

Migrating your current operation to a new platform is a significant decision. We give you the flexibility to choose a routing strategy that fits your fleet’s needs, while still improving operations efficiency and transparency.

On-Demand Dispatch

As new orders come in, Wise Systems identifies the optimal driver based on their current plan — and seamlessly fits new orders into their routes.

Real-time Notifications

Provide both your team and your customers with real-time updates on deliveries and ETAs, ensuring a better customer experience.

Seamless Deployment & Integration

With an experienced team, Wise Systems can manage your Dispatch Transformation, migrating to the new platform and ensuring integrations with your systems of record, either directly or via API-level integrations.

Dynamic Optimization Engine (DOE)

At the core of the Wise Systems platform is the DOE – a machine learning engine that continuously ingests data from operations and makes real-time routing decisions for your last-mile fleet. Housed within the DOE are our machine learning models. These provide significant fleet performance improvements over time to both static and dynamic routing operations — benefits not previously available with traditional routing platforms. Wise Systems uses the data it gathers from your fleet to predict how the fleet will perform in the future and to significantly enhance the power and accuracy of future routes.

Delivery Recipients

Customers want a few seemingly simple things — choice about delivery date and time, visibility into the delivery ETA, and efficient completion. Wise Systems has multiple products focused on your customer, giving you the ability to deliver the experience that reflects your business.


Drivers need the right tools that enable them to execute deliveries on schedule. They also need critical information at their fingertips. As the face of most organizations for customers, drivers’ performance and professionalism contribute directly to a customer’s perception of the company. The Driver App from Wise Systems is simple and powerful, including list and map views, access to turn-by-turn navigation, and a full suite of driver tools for managing their days, including proof of delivery, barcode scanning, photo capture, notes and more.


Dispatchers juggle a variety of competing priorities every day. They need to ensure high levels of customer service while maximizing efficiency, in addition to managing exceptions, incoming orders, and reporting on daily metrics. For dispatchers, the key is to automate the process, minimize manual tasks and ensure complete visibility into all aspects of daily operations. That’s what Wise Systems does.


Managers are tasked with improving fleet efficiency and customers service – two critical goals that are in direct opposition to each other.

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