Scheduler: Delivery Route Planner

Maximize Fleet Utilization and On-Time Performance

Scheduler from Wise Systems is the web-based platform that calculates route plans while factoring in the unique variables and constraints of each operation. Scheduler maximizes fleet utilization and efficiency to reduce the number of vehicles and miles needed, while adhering to time windows, geographic zones, and more. Dispatchers can adjust routes, analyze route alternatives, and assess impact of route changes.

How Can Wise Systems’ Last-Mile Delivery Software Help Your Business?

Wise Systems’ next-generation route optimization software creates efficient route plans for fleets using AI and machine learning to improve routing customer service. Fleet management and dispatchers can tailor route optimization solutions to their operation’s needs.

Our software offers a range of routing strategies, factors in traffic and weather, respects customer time windows, gives priority to important customers, considers commercial truck travel times and drivers’ available shifts, and provides many other ways to create fleet-specific routes.

Even after routes are created, the system continues to optimize them in real time using in-route optimization which analyzes real-time traffic and weather as well as the drivers’ route progress to keep teams on-time and on-plan.

Scheduler Features and Capabilities

Custom and Create Routes

Manage drivers, vehicles, and depots, preview and edit routes on our interactive map, lock routes that you don’t want automatically optimized, and instantly assess the impact of a potential route edit.

On-Demand Dispatch

On-Demand Dispatch automatically suggests the best dispatched drivers for on-demand tasks, allowing fast-paced fleets to continually optimize new, same-day orders. Learn More.

Zone-Based Routing

Zone-Based Routing allows dispatchers to import or define geographic zones and driver zone preferences to help facilitate the transition from static routing to dynamic routing. This system can make it easier for drivers to adapt to dynamic routing by handling a specific geographic zone. Learn More.

Static, Dynamic, or Static/Dynamic Hybrid Routing

You can choose the routing strategy that works best for your fleet. Choose from traditional static routes, adopt modern dynamic routes, or take a blended approach to ease the transition. Our last-mile delivery software is designed to be adaptable to your team’s needs. Learn More.

Multi-day Routes

Multi-day Routes allow you to plan routes days in advance.

Reload Routes

Set routes to allow drivers to return to the depot mid-day to reload.

Dynamic Routing Software FAQ:

+ What Is The Difference Between Dynamic & Static Routing?

Dynamic routing is a system of planning delivery routes with stops being scheduled at the optimal time, rather than having the same vehicle visit the same stops every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. With dynamic routing, stops are scheduled when they need to happen and only then. This benefits companies by creating the best optimized routes for delivery drivers and increasing vehicle utilization. However, this can be a challenging adjustment at first. That is why Wise Systems’ provides hybrid approaches between static routes and dynamic routing to help drivers and dispatchers adjust.

+ How Does Zone-Based Routing Work?

Zone-based routing can help your team of drivers adjust to dynamic routing by dedicating different drivers to specific geographic regions. Dynamic routing can work with zone-based routing by optimizing routes without having drivers leave their geographic zone. You can learn more about how this works and how Wise Systems’ has used zone-based routing in this article.

+ What Is Autonomous Dispatch & Routing Software & How Does It Work?

Wise Systems’ next-generation dispatch and routing software is an automated system for seamlessly coordinating the movement of goods, people and services. It’s designed to decrease inefficiency when delivering goods, minimize manual effort and apply advanced algorithms to manage the increasingly complex delivery challenges many fleets are facing today and tomorrow. The dividends of Autonomous Dispatch and Routing include increased fleet utilization, decreased fleet miles, and continuous optimization that improves over time with the addition of your fleet’s data.

+ How Can Dynamic Delivery Route Planning Help Our Operation?

Wise Systems’ delivery route planner uses artificial intelligence to optimize routes. Simultaneously, our programs help your drivers and dispatchers react in real-time to traffic and weather delays, while also using data over time to consistently improve your route planning. For more information please contact our team.

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