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Real-Time Dynamic Routing

Continuously adapt routes in real-time to improve efficiency

Wise Systems’ real-time dynamic routing applies complex optimization algorithms to create highly optimized, adaptable routes. This approach is particularly applicable for industries that need to continuously respond to new orders throughout the day. As new orders come in, they are incorporated into the day’s plan, automatically assigned to the optimal driver, and delivered — opening the door for fleets to enhance their offerings with same-day delivery. 

Real-time dynamic route optimization examines routes for new, more efficient possibilities and adjusts routes to leverage additional optimization opportunities. Complex algorithms work in the background of cloud-based dispatcher and driver applications to constantly analyze, identify, and deploy newfound routing efficiencies for continuous fleet improvement. Real-time dynamic routing occurs intraday and helps fleets manage on-demand orders and avoid day-of delivery route problems. In addition, with real-time dynamic routing, fleets can provide same-day delivery and deliver more orders. Vehicles receive immediate assignments and can, on average, accomplish one more run per day.

To find out if real-time dynamic routing or another routing strategy is right for your fleet, review our Choosing the Right Optimization Strategy for Your Fleet guide.