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Three Questions with Umesh Chandra

Wise Systems

Wise Systems

Meet Umesh Chandra. As VP of Engineering at Wise Systems, Umesh understands the importance of location data, and the power that a delivery automation platform brings to last-mile delivery and distribution operations. 


What is a delivery automation platform?

Tuned to handle the complexities of the last mile, the Wise Systems delivery automation platform automates aspects of delivery and distribution, helping delivery and distribution companies improve: 

Route Optimization: Route planners can utilize the Wise Systems platform to optimize their routes based on various factors such as distance between stops, available drivers and assets, traffic, and weather. This enables their fleet to run more efficient and effective routes, ultimately improving the overall delivery process.

Fleet Management: Dispatchers and managers can use the Wise Systems platform to monitor the progress of their fleet in real time. They can track the location of drivers, assess the status of deliveries, and make necessary adjustments when needed. This real-time tracking enables them to respond promptly to any issues or changes, and helps managers maintain control of daily operations.

Workforce Allocation: Retail merchandisers can leverage the platform to plan their day and locate available drivers more quickly. By accessing real-time information on driver availability and their locations, merchandisers can optimize their scheduling and allocate tasks efficiently, ensuring timely deliveries and improved productivity.

Customer Experience: The Wise Systems platform provides delivery recipients with real-time information and insights regarding the delivery of their packages. Customers can track the progress of their deliveries to gain transparency and peace of mind. 

Workflow Streamlining: The Wise Systems platform offers robust APIs, allowing customers to integrate data and functions from other platforms into their daily workflows, including route planning, route execution, and reporting. This seamless communication and data sharing across different systems streamlines operations and eliminates manual data entry or duplication.

Real-Time Business Intelligence: By analyzing data gathered by the platform related to their fleet and deliveries, companies can identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency, optimize resource allocation, and make data-driven decisions to enhance their overall performance.

Performance: The Wise Systems platform is deployed in the cloud, making it accessible across the globe. This global accessibility, coupled with high availability and low latency, ensures that your operations can run smoothly 24/7 without significant downtime or performance issues.


Reach out using the form below and see how the Wise Systems platform can help you manage their fleet more effectively, providing better customer experiences, streamlining workflows, and leveraging data-driven insights for operational improvements.


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