Why Design Matters in Automated Delivery

What is a design philosophy?

A product design philosophy provides a framework for designers to create designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, intuitive, and user-friendly. By establishing guiding principles and priorities for their work, designers and developers at Wise Systems can release features to customers more quickly. 

User-centric design for increased productivity:

A well-defined design philosophy can help designers make decisions that enhance the user experience, such as prioritizing simplicity and clarity. By focusing on these aspects, designers can create products that are visually appealing and easy to use, ultimately improving productivity and the user’s everyday work life. Wise Systems designers are dedicated to making easy-to-use interfaces so that customers can spend less time trying to make a product work as expected, and spend more time on the tasks that matter to their organization.

Faster onboarding through better design:

Though we may not always realize it, design influences how we interact with a product. An intuitive design can help us quickly understand why and how to use a product. Plus, users are more likely to trust and appreciate a design that they feel has been created with their needs in mind, and a well-defined design philosophy can communicate this intent and build trust between the product and the user for faster onboarding.

What design can tell you:

You can learn a lot about a company’s values, priorities, and goals based on their design philosophy. For example, if they design to improve the user experience, you can be sure they care about their customers. 

Watch the video above to learn more about how Wise Systems approaches design. Then, reach out using the form below to experience the experience for yourself with a demo. 


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