What is On Demand Dispatch?

On Demand Dispatch is the ability to add stops to routes while drivers are on the road. It’s an essential function for parcel and courier companies, or other distributors who need to make same or next day deliveries and pickups. 

How it works:

When a new order comes in during route execution, Dispatcher from Wise Systems analyzes how the stop will affect each route in the area. Dispatcher selects the most appropriate drivers based on factors that include:


  • Each driver’s proximity to the stop
  • How much it will cost for a driver to make the stop
  • How adding the stop will affect other stops on the route

From there, Dispatcher can automatically assign the stop to the most appropriate driver, or offer the list of drivers to a dispatcher for selection. 


Watch the video to see how simple assigning last-minute stops can be. Then, reach out for a demo using the form below.

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