Route Optimization For Commercial Fleets

In-Route Optimization

Algorithms adapt routes in real time to improve efficiency

Our route optimization platform dynamically updates routes based on real-time data so that your drivers can avoid delays during the delivery day. Our system seamlessly updates routes to provide the most efficient routes. For example, if there’s increased traffic in the beginning of a route, a driver is likely to miss a high priority customer’s time window in the afternoon if they follow the preset plan. The system detects this potential problem and adjusts the route so the driver arrives sooner, fulfilling the delivery on time, and ensuring excellent customer service.

In-route changes are applicable to fleets with both static routing and dynamic routing models but have dependency on vehicles and products. In-route optimization offers substantial efficiency and customer service improvements while reducing the burden on dispatchers and drivers to manage last-minute issues.

Commercial Truck Route Navigation

Drivers navigation built for commercial trucks

Fleet managers often expect truck routing software to include commercial truck route navigation for drivers. Wise Systems offers a commercial truck route navigation option that gives drivers navigation specifically customized to the types of vehicles they are operating.

In the Driver mobile app, drivers can access this turn-by-turn navigation for the best routes to their customers. When they follow truck-specific routes, fleet management can be confident that their drivers have the proper information to drive on safe, legal roads and arrive quickly to customers.

In addition, the Wise Systems platform can also use commercial truck route data when building routes for a fleet to create the most efficient route plans.

Turn-by-Turn Directions for Fleet Management

Drivers can navigate between stops through the driver mobile app

There’s enough for drivers to worry about during the day without needing to remember how to navigate to all of their customers. Even for fleets with veteran drivers, directions are helpful — whether to navigate around traffic or when a driver is out sick or on vacation, and somebody else is covering their route. Turn-by-turn directions eliminate the guesswork.

Through the Driver app from Wise Systems, drivers have easy access to turn-by-turn directions to every stop in their route schedule. They can follow directions from Google Maps, Waze, or Commercial Truck Routes.

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