Wise Systems Solutions

Are your carefully planned delivery schedules compromised the minute drivers encounter problems?
Do you spend weeks sifting through fleet data to update your plans every year?
Is it time to add dynamic capabilities to your route planning?

It's time to get Wise.

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Reduction in
late deliveries

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Increase in

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Reduction in
fleet miles

Who Uses Wise?

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Receive responsive delivery routes that adjust and adapt throughout the day to avoid delays - all powered by real-time algorithms. 

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Customers & Account Teams

Have easy access to real-time ETAs to coordinate with drivers. No more phone calls to dispatchers or wasted time waiting for truck arrivals.

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Have fleet-wide visibility and real-time data to allow them to monitor progress against plans, respond to driver needs, and meet customers’ expectations.


Introducing Autonomous Dispatch & Routing

Wise Systems is an Autonomous Dispatching and Routing solution that empowers operations teams and drivers to improve fleet efficiency and customer service, seamlessly adapting to the everyday challenges they encounter. Automatically schedule routes, monitor routes in progress, and watch the system intelligently adjust to day-of delays. The system gathers and analyzes operational data and uses it to continuously increase future efficiency, as well.


Cloud-based with machine learning, Wise Systems is an all-in-one platform that can be used on its own or one module at a time. Bring more dynamic and responsive routing to your fleet today. 

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Automatically build optimal delivery routes, whether you are planning for the week or the next day


Stay efficient and on time throughout the day with real-time optimization and coordination across your team

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Use your fleet data to help you continually improve operations over time