Wise Systems' autonomous routing and dispatching software enables the perfect last-mile delivery experience for everyone in the process — recipients, drivers, dispatchers, and managers.

From couriers to food and beverage distributors, top-shelf delivery is critical for customer retention and growth. The Wise Systems platform combines our powerful, AI-driven Dynamic Optimization Engine (DOE) with intuitive user interfaces to drive a high-performance operation.

Our routing software is designed to improve the performance and efficiency of your deliveries. Ideal for operations of all sizes and many different industries, Wise Systems is proven to reduce fleet mileage, carbon footprint, and late arrivals, and increase efficiency.


Who Uses Wise Systems?

Case Study: Anheuser-Busch

See how Anheuser-Busch is improving day-of routing with Wise Systems

“With Wise Systems, we’re implementing technology and processes that we could have never imagined even a few years ago.”

— Joaquin Schlottman, VP Logistics,
T2 North America, Anheuser-Busch

Routing & Dispatch Transformation

Many enterprises are developing Digital Transformation strategies. The key question: does your digital transformation plan include dispatching and routing operations? If not, it should. With increased order volumes and customer expectations, a dispatch transformation for your last-mile fleet isn’t just necessary; it’s critical.

A dispatch transformation, featuring software-driven automation with Wise Systems:

  • Improves efficiency
  • Increases fleet utilization
  • Improves customer service
  • Improves drivers’ experience
  • Reduces fleet miles and carbon footprint
  • Decreases routing time and manual route creation

Machine Learning: The Key to Continuous Improvement

Enhance the power and accuracy of your routing and dispatching with Wise Systems’ machine learning models. Our proprietary algorithms continuously ingest data from your operations and make real-time routing decisions. Machine learning is a game-changing ingredient for many last-mile delivery operations.

Machine Learning Service Times

Our breakthrough application of machine learning to driver service times has helped last-mile fleets significantly improve efficiency and utilization. How? Service time describes the full duration of a driver’s visit to a customer. It includes parking time, unloading, transporting goods, performing a service, completing a transaction, and returning to the vehicle. And, in most companies, this time is a rough estimate built into every stop on a route. In reality, service times are highly variable. Treating them as an average leads to inefficiencies, inaccurate route times, and negatively impacts on-time arrivals.

With Wise Systems’ machine learning, more accurate service time predictions are built into future route plans to improve route performance and fleet utilization.

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