Static Routing Software

Create optimal routes based on business constraints

Most traditional delivery fleets use, or have used, static routes. Whether built manually or by traditional static routing software, these routes have fixed sequences of stops, minimal variation, and are built around forecasts and regions. Drivers are often the ‘face of the business’ to customers, with responsibility for building and maintaining strong customer relationships. Static routing is traditionally used by companies with consistent customers and predictable demand. While Wise Systems does support this routing model, this strategy is rarely the most efficient.

Dispatchers spend large amounts of time manually building then adjusting routes based on variations between the annual static plan and daily volume, making fleet performance and customer service improvements difficult to achieve. Fleets accustomed to static routes often begin with Wise Systems and use only static routing software and then transition to static + dynamic routing and eventually to fully dynamic routing.

To determine which routing strategy is right for your fleet, review our Choosing the Right Optimization Strategy for Your Fleet guide.


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