Press Release

Press Release August 31, 2022 [ Article ]
Wise Systems Appoints Accomplished Technology Leader Umesh Chandra as VP of Engineering
Press Release November 11, 2021 [ Article ]
Wise Systems introduces expanded enterprise-grade dispatching & routing environment for food and beverage distributors
Press Release November 3, 2021 [ Article ]
Wise Systems releases survey on sustainability and last-mile delivery
Press Release October 6, 2021 [ Article ]
Wise Systems raises $50 million in Series C financing to accelerate global adoption of autonomous last-mile delivery solutions
Press Release June 23, 2021 [ Article ]
Wise Systems and CXT software announce technology partnership to expand reach of powerful AI-Driven software for last-mile delivery
Press Release June 15, 2021 [ Article ]
Wise Systems announces partnership with Mitsubishi Fuso to launch AI-Driven routing and dispatching solutions in Japan
Press Release June 9, 2021 [ Article ]
Wise Systems adds barcode scanning to driver app
Press Release June 1, 2021 [ Article ]
Wise Systems expands to Japan to address global demand for autonomous last-mile delivery solutions
Press Release May 11, 2021 [ Article ]
AI-Driven dispatch & routing software from Wise Systems now available on SAP® store

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